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[Must Read] Rulebook Updated!

Postby Daghel » Sat Aug 25, 2012 13:52

Hello players and members of Prime Squadron!

After a long debate on the Admin Forum, we can finally show to You updated Rulebook. Changes were needed, we want to be in touch with reality of gameplay on our servers.

All new things are marked as yellow. It's highly recommended to read it and remember. :wink:

Prime Squadron Server Rules

No Cheating or Hacking

Cheats, hacks and scripts such as; aimbots, wallhacks, multihacks, namehacks, guidspoofers, anti-recoil scripts, etc. are NOT allowed at our servers, using them will result in a permanent ban!

Reporting cheaters
When you spot a possible cheater, use the console to send a private message (PM) to our Server Admins. Example: /m -|PS|- Hello Admins, I think 'insert player name' is cheating, could you check him?

When there are no admins online to make a ban, record a demo.
See the -|PS|- FAQ for more info about recording and saving a demo in Enemy Territory. Once you recorded a demo open a topic in the Caught a cheater? Post your demo here forum and provide all the necessary information (i.e. player name, server, map, mod etc.).

No Spawnkilling (SK) or Spawncamping (SC)

Killing the enemy in his own spawn is NOT allowed and is considered Spawnkilling (SK), this includes; walking through enemy spawn while shooting or shooting into enemy spawn from a distance.

This rule applies to ALL weapons!

Spawnkilling is a serious offence and will most likely result in a warn (!warn, !burn, !gib) possibly followed by a kick, temporary ban or permanent ban (depending on the situation).

Deliberately hanging around (also known as camping) Enemy spawn and/or your own spawn is NOT allowed and is considered Spawncamping (SC). SC will result in a warn (!warn, !slap, !burn, !fling, !throw, !gib) depending on the situation.

SK & SC with heavy weapons (mortar, panzer, flamer, airstrikes, artillery etc.) is FORBIDDEN!

The SK rule does not apply to capturable spawns, such as flags or commandposts. Killing enemies at capturable spawns is ONLY allowed with light weapons (SMG, knife, handgun, grenades etc.)! Mines at capturable spawns are allowed as long as enemies do not directly spawn on them.

Sniping and shooting (for example; rifle nades) into a capturable spawn from a distance is considered SK or even SC, since you are not trying to (re)capture the spawn yourself (i.e. not moving forward)!

Note 2
Walking through enemy spawn without performing ANY other actions (shooting, throwing granades, planting dynamite/satchel, goomba etc.) is considered spawnpassing. It's allowed but not recommended.

No Teamkilling (TK) or Teambleeding (TB)

Teamkilling (TK) and Teambleeding (TB) is not allowed and will result in a warning. If it happens again you will be kicked or banned from the server (depending on the situation).


Medics can use their needle to heal teammates from a certain Health threshold!
TK or TB your teammates followed by reviving or handing them medpacks is NOT appreciated!
No Quarter Mod; players can use CPR to revive their teammates without the need of a Medic!

Don't Insult or Provoke

Insulting and/or Provoking the Prime Squadron Community, its members or any other player at our servers is NOT allowed and will result in a permanent ban. Respect all players, including the so called ‘noobs' or ‘newbies' so everyone can enjoy the game.

No Tag Stealing

Wearing the -|PS|- tag without a Prime Squadron Member status is forbidden in any way! You will be warned (and renamed) if you wear the tag without authorization. The second warn however will be a Ban!

Don't Ask for Admin Levels

Asking for Admin Levels is NOT allowed nor appreciated in any way and will result in a warning. Continuously asking for admin levels will result in degradation (losing level(s)) and a kick or (permanent) ban from the server.

No Recruiting

Recruiting players for your own community or clan at our servers is forbidden in any way and will result in a permanent ban. Likewise; openly searching and/or asking to join a community or clan is considered provoking and will possibly result in a mute.

Don't Advertise or Spam

Advertising for your own community or clan will result in a warning and a mute. If it happens again you will receive a permanent ban. Continuously repeating the same phrase/words/sentence or a flood of Offtopic messages is considered Spam and will result in a temporary mute or permanent mute (depending on the situation).

Admin !commands
Don't use !commands too often. Using !admintest every minute is very annoying and is considered spam. Furthermore it will NOT raise you adminlevel!

Running polls

Using the poll option in game too often is considered as spam and will follow with a !warn, !mute or !kick.

Server Language: English

Prime Squadron is an International Enemy Territory Gaming Community. This means that English is our primary language to communicate. Using your native language (exception: English) is ONLY allowed in fireteam chat or private chat.

Forbidden Server Behaviour

No farming or XP whoring. Standing around only handing out ammopacks or medpacks is considered farming/whoring. Handing out ammopacks to a soldier with a dispatched mortar (in use) as a Field Ops is allowed and is NOT considered as farming.
Don't block doorways or paths for your teammates on purpose.
Don't push your teammates, for example; when they are sniping, mortaring, using a mg. Pushing your teammates of high ledges is also forbidden. Pushing is ONLY allowed when a teammate is blocking a doorway or path (see the point above).
Don't defuse or activate landmines placed by other teammates on purpose.
Don't defuse dynamite placed by other teammates.
Don't steal an enemy's uniform if another Covert Ops from your team killed that enemy.
Don't trickplant or use your teammates as a step up to plant dynamite, for example; planting dynamite at the guns from the outside on the oasis map.
Don't use map bugs, exploits or secret rooms.
Don't ask for a resupply (ammo, health packs) by teambleeding or teamkilling.
Don't use trickjumps or doublejumps to complete a map objective, for example; jumping over the wall as an engineer to blow up the fuel dump to complete the map. Doublejumping over walls or obstacles without doing map objectives is allowed.

Forbidden Names and Tags

We don't allow insulting, offensive or provoking Nicknames at our servers. For example:

No Nazi or Communist referenced names or tags. For example: SS, Adolf Hitler, Jozef Stalin, etc.)
No confusing nicknames. For example: Teammate, Teamkill, Enemy in disguise, etc.
No empty or standard nicknames. For example: ETPlayer, unnamedplayer, etc.
No extended ASCII characters (i.e. characters that cannot be entered with simple keystrokes).
No namestealing (i.e. using the same name as another player currently on the server). :wink:

Complete Rulebook can be found here:
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