Don't know how to introduce yourself? Click me!

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Don't know how to introduce yourself? Click me!

Postby Prime-Squadron » Wed Aug 15, 2007 0:53

We don't force people to use forms or to give any private info, this topic is meant to give people ideas or just an example.
Please see the Forum section in our Rulebook for a detailed overview of our board rules.

    Introduction Example Form

    Real name:
    Your age:
    Country you live in:

    Fav. Game(s):
    Fav. music band(s):
    Fav. movie(s):
    Fav. anime movie(s)/cartoon(s):
    Fav. TV channel(s):
    Life dream:
    What you like:
    What you don't like:

    PC info:
    Player history in Enemy Territory (ET):
    Fav. ET class/weapon(s)
    Fav. ET map(s)

    More info:

Enjoy your stay & have fun,
PS / PS HA Staff

To people who reply; don't simply say "welcome" and leave it at that, because this can be seen as ordinary spam. Why? Because this is an introduction section and not a welcome section.

It is polite to talk about the introduction itself, i.e if the introducer wrote "I have 3 dogs" then maybe reply with "Wow 3 dogs, isn't it difficult to take care of them all?" or "What are their names" or "Yay, 3 dogs, I have 8 puppy's".

Last note: Try to keep the discussion ontopic!

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