Screen resolution

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Screen resolution

Postby Dushi Dany » Mon Jul 30, 2018 22:29

Dear all,

can't get into ET due to the fact when i connect the resolution is 800X600 and my laptop wants 1920X something.
however when i try to change, it wont let me save as the button to apply/save is nowhere to be seeen

i neeeeeeeeeeeed to play ET so please help ;)

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Re: Screen resolution

Postby Ninjadeer » Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:33

Close the game and open [...]\wolfenstein - enemy territory\etmain\etconfig.cfg and find following cvars (values might differ):
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seta r_fullscreen "0"  //1=fullscreen 0=windowed
seta r_mode "-1" //screen resolution mode, -1=custom
seta r_customheight "600"
seta r_customwidth "800"
Change them according to your system specs and save the file. Your resolution should be correct when you launch the game next time.

You can also type these settings to the console in game and do vid_restart after in order to save the settings.
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Re: Screen resolution

Postby Dr Zoidberg » Sun Aug 05, 2018 19:57

"C:\xxxx\et.exe" +r_mode "-1" +r_customwidth "1920" +r_customheight "1080" +cg_fov "115" +set com_hunkmegs "768" +vid_restart +connect

When i had the same problem. This is what i did to my et.exe. Right click on et.exe and select properties. There under "goal" write something like the above... adjust for the right path and for the right width/height that your monitor uses.
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Re: Screen resolution

Postby badbad » Mon Aug 06, 2018 19:08

Disable secondary GPU for ET CPU have so GPU disable this, use only ex GPU Nvidia or ATI for play et or other games, search in youtube for specific Laptop or motherboard.

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