Christmas Event of 2015!

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Re: Christmas Event of 2015!

Postby SpyCow » Mon Dec 14, 2015 16:31

BigOgr wrote:If it is possible (and I guess it is), there should be disable any explosive weapon during hs-mode (nades, panza, etc.) + poison.

Yes. I was under the notion that ONLY headshots dealt damage, and I believe so was everyone else involved (I think).
So of course next time explosives and such will be disabled. :P

empy wrote:
  • LMS was really good. I'm looking forward for new LMS matches. The only issue is that players only had 30 bullets, which is really few. Plus, there were maps with no ammo cabinets or ammo cabinets that were too far for reach. So the solution is to either increase the default amount of ammo that a player receives (ideally), or use maps that have ammo cabinets near by axis and allies spawn (like Dubrovnik and CTF Halo).

The whole point with the 30 bullets thing is that you'd think twice before shooting and learn to conserve your ammo.
Also so you'd go out hunting for more. :P Of course if that sucks then ... yeah. :mrgreen:

empy wrote:
  • Ideally scripts must be tested before hand to avoid any inconveniences/bugs.

  • :good:

    empy wrote:
  • The Gun Mode did not work quite right on my PC. For example, i was spawned with a panzer with 0 ammo. Maybe because i got cg_noAmmoAutoSwitch enabled? If i remember correctly NQ server can force CVARS on players.

  • 100 % sure gun mode next time will be quite different, don't worry about that. :P

    GoldenBullet wrote:- The Gun mode sometimes gave a panzer with 0 ammo, then shotgun with 0 ammo and finally the proper weapon. And sometimes I fired a panzer once and it went 0 ammo immediately. It was irritating to say the least.

    100 % sure gun mode next time will be quite different, don't worry about that. :P

    GoldenBullet wrote:- Sniper maps were okay, with maybe exceptions the cartoon and christmas hill-thing. Both had the problem it was so easy to cross to the other side, and healthcabinets were bit too easy to get to. Those really kill the map for me.

    Mmh, yeah. I didn't like those maps either. :hyper: You specifially actually had the chance to suggest maps, Bullet xd

    GoldenBullet wrote:- Too much LMS. Also the infinite ammo was a bit ridiculous for LMS...

    Fair enough. Also, there was supposed to be a few more maps before the second round of LMS. :P
    Maybe I should extended the length between the two LMS's though, point taken. :good:

    There wasn't supposed to be infinite ammo, that was a bug. :D

    GoldenBullet wrote:- HS mode was so much fun! They way you could find new ways to deal damage without making headshots was so innovative! And Infinite Ammo on FG is so balanced!
    - No really cow fix HS mode.

    Yes yes I know. :mrgreen: As I wrote earlier in this post, I didn't (and so didn't anyone else) realize you could use explosives to damage. :wink:

    Thumbs up to Ninja and Egg though. :good:
    And thanks for all the feedback. :mrgreen:
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    Re: Christmas Event of 2015!

    Postby egglaf » Mon Dec 14, 2015 19:36

    Good point on that force cvar. I think that it might very well the problem for you, although if you scrolled or in anyway select a weapon you should get the weapon my script set for you.

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    Re: Christmas Event of 2015!

    Postby pompidom_23 » Mon Dec 14, 2015 20:57

    Huh?? LMS wasn't just with 30 bullets? After you shot the 30bullets, your weapon reloaded immediately and you could go further with shooting! :loller:

    So in fact you could fire 99999+ bullets with reloading. You guys always switched after 30bullets??

    Pompidom :)


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