Another pointless topic ;)

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Another pointless topic ;)

Postby Epa » Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:20

Hey! :idea:
I've just come across a horrible realization. I've read back some of my old forum posts, and all i can do is facepalm, and laugh at my own stupidity :mrgreen: . I've been a "part" of this community many years, without any decent contribution. :roll:

I wan't to start a topic, where people from this community, can share how do you do's, life wisdom ( For us who have less brain activity like me :twisted: , or just simply people with less life experience!) most memorable moments from this community, from you're life. What have you accomplished? What do you wish to accomplish. And basically just anything you would wan't to share with us.

I've bumped into so many awesome and interesting people here, would be awesome to know how everyone has been holding up these past few years.
And who knows, maybe we'll get some activity back and people to turn out on next event!
And if not, at least, we get something interesting to read in forums from you people!

Who want's to go first? NOT IT!

Good morning everyone!

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Re: Another pointless topic ;)

Postby ckEy » Tue Feb 02, 2016 15:51

Here's little condescending wisdom. It is the irrelevant/pointless that matters, as does this topic! I know, not really deep. So hey, other people, jump on this train! :D
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Re: Another pointless topic ;)

Postby Bumble » Wed Feb 03, 2016 17:24

i will start first my english sucks so
my brain is not complete only thing i do is trying to read big post of ryu at mafia xD
they are so big that i skip those xD


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