Jedi Outcast speedrun (tj utilization)

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Jedi Outcast speedrun (tj utilization)

Postby DMG_Kowi » Sun Sep 15, 2013 16:38
It's not directly related to ET, but here we have a Jedi Outcast (great game btw) speedrun. As we know JO is based on Q3 engine (ID Tech 3), the same as W:ET. So then, trickjumping which we know well is fully possible in JO. Just check it out, how this guy makes use of it in this movie.

Just the first mission: this long tj on the rocks lets him skip at least 80% of the level (if not more).

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Postby Plastic_Jesus » Sun Sep 15, 2013 20:38

I love the game, I always loved the game. When I was so much younger I played this game like 10 times through. One of my favourite games. I could play it any time once through.

But to the speedrun. I looked the first mission, that was just insanity. And since he knew the code from his memory the mission was even easier for him. I will look this a bit later all way through.

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